Talenta Rider

Talenta Rider

Prerequisite: Halfling, Talenta Plains Background

    For generations, the halflings have roamed the Talenta Plains.  You were raised under this tradition, your family teaching you how to hunt for food and ride with the tribe.  Although you have left your tribe behind, the traditions of your people still run strong in you.  These traditions are manifested in your own Clawfoot, a reptilian mount that you raised from an egg.  While your scaly companion may turn the heads of bigger folk, you two form a unique team that can overcome any obstacle.

Talenta Rider Features

Level 1 Feature

   You have a loyal companion and mount, a reptilian creature known as a Clawfoot.  It is your constant companion, following you without question into even the most dire of circumstances.


    You gain the Mounted Combat feat as a bonus feat. 

     You also gain a Clawfoot Companion, whose statistics are provided below.  Your Clawfoot possesses no healing surges, though you may spend one on its behalf if a power or ability would allow it to spend one.  Once per round, if your Clawfoot would be reduced to 0 or fewer hit points, you may lose a healing surge as a free action to allow it to instead set its hit points at your healing surge value.  At the end of a short rest, your Clawfoot regains all lost hit points. 

     If your Clawfoot Companion dies, as long as you still possess part of it, you may perform a secret Talenta ritual with no component cost during your next extended rest, which restores it to life at full hit points.  Alternatively, you may spend a week roaming the Talenta Plains to find a new Clawfoot Companion.    

     When you are not mounted on your Clawfoot Companion, it takes no actions except to move to the nearest closest square to you and use total defense.

Clawfoot Companion             
Medium Natural Beast (mount, reptile)
Initiative: Equal to yours       Senses: Perception Equal to yours
HP: Equal to your bloodied value            Low Light Vision
AC: 15 Fortitude: 13 Reflex: 13 Will: 10
Special: Add your level to the Clawfoot’s Defenses
Speed: 8
Standard Actions
(MB) Talons -At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature): Your Level +5 vs. AC,
Hit: 1d10 + one-half your level damage.
       Level 21: 2d10 + one-half your level damage.
Str 16      Dex  16     Wis  11
Con 14     Int  2        Cha 6

Level 5 Feature

Sometimes you go where your Clawfoot cannot follow.  Luckily, you have learned that a good mount can be only a whistle away.

Benefit: One per day, you may perform the Steed Summons ritual on your Clawfoot Companion as if you had the ritual caster feat and without expending components.

Level 10 Feature

Your Clawfoot has matured and gained the ability to attack in tandem with you

Benefit: Your Clawfoot Companion gains the Clawfoot Charge encounter power.

Free Actions
Clawfoot Charge   – Encounter
Trigger: You charge a target
Effect:  Your Clawfoot Companion may make a Talons attack against the creature you charged.

Talenta  Rider Optional Powers

Bonded Mount     Talenta Rider Utility 2
You will not be separated from your steed.
Encounter  -  Martial
Requirement: You must be mounted on your Clawfoot Companion.
Free Action         Personal<
Trigger: You roll a saving throw to avoid being dismounted.
Effect: You automatically succeed on the saving throw.

Clawfoot Leap     Talenta Rider Utility 6
You push your Clawfoot Companion to move faster.Encounter – Martial
Move Action     Special
Requirement: You must be mounted on your Clawfoot Companion
Effect:  Your Clawfoot Companion may jump a number of squares equal to its speed.

Clawfoot Opening       Talenta Rider Utility 10
Your wide miss gives your Clawfoot an opportunity to strike.
Encounter   -  Martial
Free Action     Melee 1
Requirement: You must be mounted on your Clawfoot Companion
Trigger: You miss an adjacent enemy with a melee attack.
Effect: Your Clawfoot may use Talons against that enemy as a free action.

Talenta Rider

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