Scion of Vadalis

Scion of Vadalis

Prerequisites: Mark of Handling, Membership in House Vadalis

   The humans of Vadalis are true masters of beasts.  All in Khorvaire recognize the value of their magebred mounts and livestock.  Growing up amidst breeding farms and animals has given you a special affinity for nature.  You have always had a way with the natural creatures of the earth and this ability was only compounded with your dragonmark.

   Yet there was something in the farming lifestyle that felt unfulfilled.  You longed to see more of the world.  So, you set out into the world to seek your fortune.  Did your elders approve of your departure or did they pressure you to stay and help breed the animals with the rest of your kin?  Whatever your deeds, you are the future of House Vadalis and you carry the power of the Mark of Handling wherever you go.  Perhaps you will use its powers in ways others can’t even imagine.

Scion of Vadalis Features

Level 1 Feature

  You have raised a magebred companion since birth, slowly nurturing it with the power of your dragonmark until it learned to fight in tandem with you.  This companion follows you wherever you may go and demonstrates perfect loyalty and impressive intelligence.

Benefit: You gain the Ranger’s Beast Mastery class feature.  If you are a ranger with a Ranger Fighting Style, this is in addition to that feature and you do not lose your Prime Shot class feature.  Also, you count as a ranger for the purpose of qualifying for the Vadalis Griffonrider paragon path.

Level 5 Feature

  Your dragonmark grants you affinity for all beasts.  You have learned to harness that power to briefly command the loyalty of a hostile animal.

Benefit: You gain the Vadalis Command power.

Vadalis Command          Scion of Vadalis Attack
You gaze into the eyes of a beast and cow its will with your dragonmark.
Daily     -     Arcane,  Charm
Standard Action              Close Burst 5
Target: One beast in burst.
Attack: Primary Abiltiy Modifier +3 vs. Will (Increase the bonus to +6 at Level 11 and +9 at Level 21)
Hit: The target is dominated until the end of your next turn.

Level 10 Feature

  Your dragonmark’s power has grown and with it the power of your beast companionIts attacks are made even more deadly and precise.

Benefit: Your beast companion gains a +2 power bonus to attack rolls and a power bonus to damage rolls equal to your primary ability modifier.

Scion of Vadalis Optional Powers

Magebred Recovery           Scion of Vadalis Utility 2
Your dragonmark enables your companion to recover from injury.<
Encounter       -         Arcane,  Healing
Minor Action              Close Burst 5
Target: Your beast companion in burst.
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain extra hit points equal to your highest ability modifier.

Vadalis Lore           Scion of Vadalis Utility 6
Your knowledge of animals is formidable.
Encounter     -     Arcane
Free Action         Personal
Effect: You gain a +5 power bonus to the next nature check you make before the end of your next turn.

Dragonmarked Growth       Scion of Vadalis Utility 10
The power of your dragonmark flows into your beast companion.
Daily        -        Arcane, Healing
Minor Action      Close Burst 5
Target: Your beast companion in burst.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, the target’s size increases by one category and it gains Regeneration 5 until the end of the encounter.

Scion of Vadalis

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