Scion of Thuranni

Scion of Thuranni

Prerequisites: Mark of Shadow, Member of House Thuranni

  A house of assassins, the elf house of Thuranni is the newest of Khoirvaire’s dragonborn houses.   You likely still remember when your family was a branch of the House Phiarlan.  The split swept you to the cold north, where your house lives in stark conditions.  Many members of your families resent House Phiarlan for this and consider themselves to be the true heir of the Mark of Shadow.  You might agree with them.

    Ever since you were young, you were trained in the art of killing.  After your mark manifested, you became one of Thuranni’s young scions with the greatest potential for greatness.  However, no assassin gets to be the best by mere training, so you set out into the world to test your skills.  Do you embrace your life as a killer or do you secretly long for a more peaceful existence?  The way before you is dark and shaded, but you don;t mind.  The shadows are your closest friends.

Scion of Thuranni Features

Level 1 Feature

  Every assassin worth his blades knows how to kill from hiding.  With the help of your dragonmark, you have honed this skill to an art, often killing enemies before they are aware of your presence.

Benefit: You gain the Thuranni Backstab power.

Thuranni Backstab         Scion of Thuranni Attack
Your dragonmark helps you deliver death from the shadows.
Encounter        -      Arcane,  Necrotic,  Shadow
No Action                Special
Trigger: You hit an enemy with an attack while hidden.
Effect: The enemy takes 2d8 extra necrotic damage.  Increase this extra damage to 3d8 at Level 11 and 5d8 at Level 21.

Level 5 Feature

  Your experience has grown.  You have learned to harness the Mark of Shadow to muffle your footsteps and allow you to move freely even while hidden.

Benefit: You take no penalty to stealth checks from movement.

Level 10 Feature

   Your Mark of Shadow has grown across your skin and it grants an additional power.  You may call upon its power to darken the shadows around you, allowing you to hide with even the slightest medium.

Benefit: Once per encounter,you may make a stealth check to hide without needing total concealment or cover (you still require partial cover or concealment to remain hidden).

Scion of Thuranni Optional Powers

Always Hidden             Scion of Thuranni Utility 2
Your dragonmark always helps you catch your foes off guard.
Encounter      -      Arcane,  Shadow
No Action           Personal
Requirement: You must have at least partial cover or concealment.
Trigger: You roll initiative.
Effect: You may make a stealth check to hide.

Thuranni Darkness       Scion of Thuranni Utility 6
Sinister darkness seeps from your dragonmark, surrounding you and your adjacent foes.
Encounter       -     Arcane, Necrotic,  Shadow,  Zone
Minor Action           Close Burst 1
Effect: The area of the power becomes a zone of darkness that lasts until the end of your next turn.  The zone blocks line of sight for all creatures except for you.   In addition, your attacks agianst enemies in the zone deal 2 extra necrotic damage.  This extra damage increases to 4 at Level 11 and 6 at Level 21.

Mantle of Shadow          Scion of Thuranni Utility 6
You touch your dragonmark and it exudes shadows around you.
Encounter       -      Arcane, Stance, Shadow
Minor Action           Personal
Effect: You enter the Mantle of Shadow stance. Until the stance ends, you gain partial concealment.

Scion of Thuranni

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