Scion of Sivis

Scion of Sivis

Prerequisites: Mark of Scribing, Member of House Sivis

   One of the oldest dragonmarks is held by the shrewdest of houses, House Sivis.  The diminutive yet potent gnomes of House Sivis have survived for millenniums by manipulating the world around them though diplomacy and calculation.  They have developed a well deserved reputation as negotiators and their services are the only way that many citizens of Khorvaire can communicate instantly across the plane.

   As a member of House Sivis, these traits have been bred into you since childhood.  Manifesting your dragonmark only increased your abilities as a negotiator and a sage.  Yet you were not content to stay in a Sivis enclave and play the complex game of house politics.  Something drew you out into the world to actively seek your fortune.  You proceed into your new life with calm calculation and a knowledge that has sustained your people for so long.

Scion of Sivis Features

Level 1 Feature

  Words are more than just a way to communicate.  Words hold power and your dragonmark lets you manifest that power directly.  Speaking a word of power in different languages allows you to empower your attack to devastate a foe.

Benefit: You gain the Scribe’s Empowerment power

Scribe’s Empowerment             Scion of Sivis Utility
Your dragonmark uses your knowledge to enhance your attack.
Encounter     -    Arcane
Minor Action       Personal
Effect: Your next damage roll before the end of your next turn gains a bonus equal to the number of languages that you know.

Level 5 Feature

  House Sivis is legendary for its diplomats and historians.  Your extensive education combines with your real-world experience to give you an edge up in these areas.

Benefit: You gain a +2 power bonus to Diplomacy and History checks.

Level 10 Feature

   The magic of your dragonmark has grown more potent and it allows you to perform signature services of House Sivis without the usual cost.  Performing sending so many times has also resonated with your dragonmark, allowing you to communicate telepathically with those around you.

Benefit: You master the Sending and Tongues rituals and you may perform one of them once per day without expending components.  You also gain Telepathy 10.

Scion of Sivis Optional Powers

Sivis Silvertongue            Scion of Sivis Utility 2
Your house is famous for its mediation skills and you are no exception
Encounter         -     Arcane
Free Action             Personal
Trigger: You make a Diplomacy or Insight check and dislike the result.
Effect: Reroll the triggering check with a bonus equal to the number of languages that you know.

Symbol of Health          Scion of Sivis Utility 6
You empower a square with healing energy by scribing a potent symbol.
Encounter          -      Arcane, Healing, Zone
Minor Action            Ranged 10
Effect: You or a willing ally in the burst loses a healing surge and you create a zone in an unoccupied square in the burst that lasts until the end of your next turn.  The next creature that enters the zone regians hit points equal to its healing surge value and the zone ends.

Symbol of Stunning             Scion of Sivis Utility 10
You scribe a symbol of power on the ground which gains incredible power from your dragonmark.
Daily        -   Arcane, Zone
Minor Action          Ranged 10
Effect: You create a zone in an unoccupied square in the burst that lasts until the end of the end of the encounter.  The next creature that enters the zone is stunned until the end of its next turn and the zone ends.

Scion of Sivis

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