Scion of Phiarlan

Scion of Phiarlan

Prerequisites: Mark of Shadow, Membership in House Phiarlan

  The older of the Elven dragomarked houses, House Phiarlan is known as a house of entertainers and performers.  Unknown to the general populace, the house also serves as a great spy network.  You grew up groomed to fit into your house’s unique place in Khorvaire.  Recently, a large part of the house broke off the form House Thuranni and as a long-lived elf that schism is fresh in your memory.  Despite whatever personal feelings you may have, the two houses are now in fierce competition.

   From an early age you enjoyed toying with the perceptions of others and finding our way into places you were not meant to be.  Your dragonmark only increased these abilities and raised your status within your house.  Yet, you still felt it necessary to seek out your own path and increase your powers.  As you venture out, you set out armed with the tools to go where you wish and manipulate the perceptions of others as you see fit.

Scion of Phiarlan Features

Level 1 Feature

   The Mark of Shadow holds great potential for illusion and you can use the powers of the shadow to vanish for a short time.

Benefit: You gain the Phiarlan Cloak power

Phiarlan Cloak        Scion of Phiarlan Utility
Your dragonmark releases a whirlwind of darkness, and when it clears you have vanished.
Encounter  -    Arcane, Illusion, Shadow
Minor Action        Personal
Effect: You are invisible until the end of your next turn or until you make an attack.

Level 5 Feature

   House Phiarlan is at its heart a house of deception.  Your dragonmark has strengthened your ability to bend the truth to suit your needs and deflect the attention of others when you desire it.

Benefit: You gain a +2 power bonus to Bluff and Stealth checks.

Level 10 Feature

  The power of your mark has grown and you can now maintain your invisibility for as long as you wish.  This ability is what makes dragonmarked House Phiarlan spies so valuable.

Benefit: You may sustain your Phiarlan Cloak power as a minor action.

Scion of Phiarlan Optional Powers

Shadowy Illusion        Scion of Phiarlan Utility 2
Your dragonmark forms shadows into a convincing illusion to entertain or mislead.
Encounter   -   Arcane, Conjuration, Illusion, Shadow
Minor Action           Ranged 10
Effect: You conjure an illusion in an unoccupied space in the burst.   The illusion can be anything that could fill that single space, for example a creature or a pile of treasure.  The illusion cannot produce sounds.  The image lasts until the end of your next turn, or until it is touched or attacked.  Enemies may also see through the illusion with an Insight check with a DC equal to your level + 10.
Sustain minor: The illusion persists until the end of your next turn.

Shadow Eye           Scion of Phiarlan Utility 6
You conjure a small invisible eye which you can use to spy ahead.
Daily -   Arcane, Conjuration, Shadow
Minor Action           Close Burst 5
Effect: You conjure a tiny, invisible eye made of shadow stuff into an unoccupied square in the burst.  You may see and hear through the eye as if you were in the square it occupies and you may switch between it and your normal senses as a minor action. The eye can be attacked, shares your defenses, and has 1 hit point.  The eye can make stealth checks to remain unseen and it can do so with a +5 power bonus and uses your perception modifier.  It cannot manipulate objects or open doors.    The eye persists for up to 5 minutes, it drops to 0 hit points, or until you dismiss it as a minor action; it continues even if it would normally be out of your line of effect.

Cloak of Shadows         Scion of Phiarlan Utility 10
You touch your dragonmark and cover your allies with a veil of shadows.
Daily      -   Arcane, Illusion, Shadow
Standard Action           Close Burst 5
Requirement: You must not be in combat.
Target: You and each ally in burst.
Effect: Each target is invisible and gains a +5 power bonus to Stealth checks.  This effects lasts for 5 minutes, until you end it as a standard action, or until any of the targets rolls initiative.

Scion of Phiarlan

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