Scion of Medani

Scion of Medani

Prerequisites: Mark of Detection, Membership in House Medani

   As a member of House Medani, you know what most people see is merely the surface.  Ever since you were a child, others have been fascinated with how you notice things that others glance over.  When your dragonmark manifested, you found your powers of perception grew to a near superhuman level.  You cannot only see things about your surroundings, but you found that by focusing the power of your dragonmark, you could see things in far places or even events that have yet to transpire.

    These powers brought you notice even within your house.  Yet, in your visions, you saw a new path: that of an adventurer.   Therefore, you left the comfort of your home to set out on your own.  While you know exactly where it might lead, you have your dragonmark to guide your way.

Scion of Medani Features

Level 1 Feature

   Your dragonmark lets you perceive events a bit before everyone else.  This gives you a large edge in combat, as you may ready yourself before others have realized that the fight has started.

Benefit: Whenever you would roll an initiative check, you may instead roll a Perception check and use that as your initiative score.

Level 5 Feature

  Your dragonmark gives you insight into far places and into the future.  You find that your enhanced senses boost the effectiveness when you gaze into the unknown using a ritual.

Benefit: You may use Perception in place of the normal skill when you perform a divination ritual.

Level 10 Feature

  Your dragonmark has grown in power to the point where you can see even in the absence of light and you are aware of any foe before it has the chance to ambush you.

Benefit: You gain darkvision and you cannot be surprised.

Scion of Medani Optional Powers

Dragonmarked Insight         Scion of Medani Utility 2
Your dragonmark pierces through attempts at deceit.
Encounter    -      Arcane
Minor Action       Personal
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you gain a +4 power bonus to all defenses and saving throws against illusion attacks, and you may roll twice on all Insight checks and take the higher result.

Incredible Detection       Scion of Medani Utility 6
You percieve a flaw in your foe’s defenses that even they were not aware of.
Encounter    -       Arcane
Minor Action           Close Burst 5
Target: One creature
Effect: You gain a +2 power bonus to attacks against the target and the target may not benefit from concealment or invisibility against you until the end of your next turn.

Medani Eyes            Scion of Medani Utility 10

The power of your dragonmark augments your perceptive abilities.
Daily    -        Arcane, Stance
Minor Action          Personal
Effect: Until the stance ends you gain a +3 power bonus to perception checks and insight checks, as well as all-around vision and truesight 10.

Scion of Medani

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