Scion of Lyrandar

Scion of Lyrandar

Prerequisites: Member of House Lyrandar, Mark of Storm Feat

  Thunder and lightning run through the veins of the half-elves of House Lyrandar.  From the first time you set foot on a Lyrandar vessel, you have relished the thrill of being carried on by the wind or by harnessed elemental power.  Whether you glide over sea or air, you and the rest of your family are always most at home aboard ships.

   Many things drive members of House Lyrandar to the adventuring life.  Perhaps you love seeing new places and adventuring provides a nice distraction from working your House’s ships.  Or maybe you aspire to one day operate your own vessel, becoming a true captain and master of the sea and air.  By fostering your dragonmark and taking quests that benefit your house, you gain status and prestige amongst your family.  The journey is already set and nothing can hold the storm inside you.

Scion of Lyrandar Features

Level 1 Feature

The Mark of Storm holds lightning and thunder in close check inside your body.  You can summon this power for brief moments to unleash its might upon an enemy.

Benefit: You gain the Stormtouched power.

Stormtouched             Scion of Lyrandar Utility
Your dragonmark empowers your strike.
Encounter       -    Arcance,  Lightning, Thunder
No Action             Special
You hit with a ranged or melee attack.
Effect: The attack deals an extra 1d6 lightning and thunder damage.
          Level 11: The attack deals an extra 2d6 lightning and thunder damage.
          Level 21:  The attack deals an extra 3d6 lightning and thunder damage.

Level 5 Feature

   Being a favored scion of the most prolific voyagers of air and sea has its advantages.  A friendly word with an house representative is generally enough to secure you whatever passage you may need without needing to pay normal tolls.

In the absence of special circumstances, you may secure free passage for yourself and up to 8 allies aboard Lyrandar vessels.

Level 10 Feature

   Your dragonmark has grown, and it seems to constantly pulsate with electricity.  You can channel the storm into every strike you make, infusing lighting into both your weaponry and spells.

  Benefit: Your attacks deal lightning damage instead of any other type, gaining the lightning keyword but losing all other damage type keywords.  Powers that already have the lightning keyword are unaffected by this feature.  You may enable or disable this feature during a short rest.

Scion of Lyrandar Optional Powers

Storm Attunement        Scion of Lyrandar Utility 2
Your dragonmark shields you from the ravages of storm.

Daily       -    Arcane
Minor Action      Personal
You can spend a healing surge to gain temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value.  Until the end of the encounter, you gain resistance to both Lightning and Thunder damage equal to 5 + One-half your level.

Forceful Winds          Scion of Lyrandar Utility 6
Your dragonmark conjures breezes to better help you toss your foes about.

Daily      -     Arcane,   Stance
Minor  Action       Personal
Until the stance ends, when you push, pull or slide a creature you may increase that forced movement by 2 squares.

Storm Ascenscion              Scion of Lyrandar Utility 10

Your dragonmark summons a wind to carry you off the ground.

Daily       -       Arcane
Move Action           Personal
You gain a fly speed of 6 until the end of your next turn and you may fly your speed.
Sustain move:  When you sustain this power, you may fly your speed.

Scion of Lyrandar

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