Scion of Kundarak

Scion of Kundarak

Requirement: Member of House Kundarak, Mark of Warding Feat.

   The safest place in Khorvaire is inside a Kundarak vault.  The dwarves of this dragonmarked house pride themselves on their unbreakable warding charms and formidable bastions.  You grew up in such a fortress, surrounded by valuables locked up safe for their owners.

   Being both a dwarf and a member of a Dragonmarked house, family has proved to be a huge part of your life.  You were quizzed growing up on the long branches of the Kundarak family tree and you have seen the consequences when your less reverential relatives neglected their family obligations.  Do you embrace the powerful nature of your family or do you secretly long to make your own way apart from it all.

   As a bearer of the Mark of Warding, you have gained special privileges within House Kundarak.  However, you have found a taste for adventure better than the task of guarding valuables.  What led you down this unorthodox path?  Does your family approve of your mercurial nature or do they pressure you to settle down and use your talents to secure their vaults?  Your path is your own to choose.

Scion of Kundarak Features

Level 1 Feature

Your dragonmark’s power allows you to create momentary wards to protect an ally or draw an enemy’s attacks towards your own formidable defenses.

Benefit: You gain the Kundarak Ward power.

Kundarak Ward             Scion of Kundarak Utility
Your dragonmark flashes a protective ward around an ally or confounds a foe’s attacks.
Encounter      -    Arcane
Minor Action        Close Burst 3
Target: One creature in burst
Effect: The target gains a +2 power bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn or the target is marked until the end of your next turn

Level 5 Feature

   Mastering wards is as much about knowing how they are dismantled as it is about how they are created.  You know the intricacies of every lock and you as much an expert at overcoming wards as building them.

Benefit: You gain your choice of training in Thievery or a +2 bonus to Thievery checks.  In addition, you may use your highest ability score in place of Dexterity for Thievery checks.

Level 10 Feature

    Your dragonmark has evolved into its greater state and it now grants you a new arcane power.  You may create magic circles of protection with more adeptness than even the most studied Wizard.

Benefit:   Once per day, you may perform the Magic Circle ritual as if you had the ritual caster feat and it requires no components.  You may use Thievery in place of Arcana for this ritual.

Scion of Kundarak Optional Powers

Kundarak Shield              Scion of Kundarak Utility 2
Your mark of warding projects a force field around yourself and your allies.

Daily    -    Arcane
Minor Action          Close Burst 3
Target: You and each ally in burst.
Effect: Each target gains a +1 power bonus to all defenses until the end of the encounter.

Warded Circle          Scion of Kundarak Utility 6
You inscribe a quick circle on the ground which is impassible to your enemies.
Encounter       -  Arcane, Zone
Minor Action                 Close Burst 1
Effect: The burst becomes a zone that lasts until the start of your next turn.  Enemies cannot willingly enter the zone.

Dragonmark Barricade   Scion of Kundarak Utility 10
A bearer of the Mark of Warding is never without protection.
Daily      -     Arcane, Zone

Standard Action        Area Wall 4 within 5

Effect:  You summon a stone wall in up to four unoccupied squares..  The wall blocks line of sight and effect.  You may choose for the wall to have arrow slits in any of its squares.  If you choose this, a creature adjacent to an arrow slit may make ranged and area attacks through it, and they have superior cover against attacks from the opposite side of the wall. Creatures adjacent to an arrow slit may attack without penalty.  At the end of the encounter, the wall crumbles to dust.

Scion of Kundarak

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