Scion of Jorasco

Scion of Jorasco

Prerequisite: Member of House Jorasco, Mark of Healing Feat

    If an adventurer need to get stiched up, he will likely be contracting the services of House Jorasco.  The halflings of House Jorasco maintain a firm hold on the market of healing, thanks to their powerful dragonmarks.  As a member of House Jorasco, you grew up around medicine, hospitals, and the sick.  Very little shakes you and you get a sense of satisfaction whenever your healing powers restore health.

   Your dragonmark manifesting earned you great prestige within the house, yet you decided to seek out those who need you rather than letting them come to you.  Still, you are constantly approached by the sick and injured, begging you to use your healing powers upon them.  Do you ask the standard Jorasco price for healing or are you more generous?  Wherever your path takes you, your dragonmark is likely to see constant use.

Scion of Jorasco Features

Level 1 Feature

    The Mark of Healing is known for its restorative properties and yours is no exception.  By touching your dragonmark, you can send out a surge of energy to an ally.

Benefit: You gain the Jorasco Word power.

Jorasco Word                 Scion of Jorasco Utility
With a brief flare from your dragonmark, you or an ally is filled with healing energy.
Encounter   -  Arcane,  Healing
Minor Action     Close Burst 3
Target: You or one ally in burst.
Effect: The target may spend a healing surge.

Level 5 Feature

  You have been around healers your whole life.  Over time, you have achieved mastery over healing lore and techniques above and beyond mere proficiency.

Benefit: You gain a +4 power bonus to Heal checks.

Level 10 Feature

   In the world of the healer, there are only a few seconds between life and death.  Your dragonmark lends you the strength to act faster and attend to your allies in times of critical need.

Benefit: Once per encounter, you may perform the first aid action upon an adjacent ally as a minor action.

Scion of Jorasco Optional Powers

Empower Healing               Scion of Jorasco Utility 2
Your healing power is magnified by the power of your dragonmark.
Daily    -  Arcane, Healing
Free Action            Close Burst 10
Trigger: You use a power that allows an ally in the burst to spend a healing surge.
Effect: The ally regains extra hit points equal to their healing surge value.

Eyes of the Healer        Scion of Jorasco Utility 6
Your dragonmark shows you exactly what a creature is suffering from.
At-Will     -   Arcane
Minor Action         Close Burst 5
Target: One creature in burst.
Effect: You learn the target’s current hit point total and the nature of any poison or disease effects they are suffering from.

Jorasco Restoration         Scion of Jorasco Utility 10
This powerful restorative spell is a testament to your dragonmark’s strength.
Daily        -  Arcane, Healing
Minor Action         Close Burst 5
Target: One ally in burst.
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge, make a saving throw against all effects that a save could end, and end any poison or disease effects that they are suffering from.

Scion of Jorasco

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