Scion of Ghallanda

Scion of Ghallanda

Prerequisites: Member of House Ghallanda, Mark of Hospitality

   Enter any large town in Khorvaire, go to the best inn, and you’re likely to see the crest of House Ghallanda.  The halflings of this Dragonmarked House possess the Mark of Hopitality, whose power allows them to provide the best lodgings and food money can buy.  As a child, you remember traveling from city to city, seeing the sprawling empire of hospitality services that your house provides.

   Manifesting a Dragonmark earned you honor and prestige in your House, perhaps even an offer to manage a notable tavern or inn.  However, something drove you down the path of an adventurer.  Perhaps you grew bored with the bureaucracy inherent in such a large organization or you have some wrong that you must right.  Regardless of your motives, you bring with you the warmth of a hearth and the satisfaction of a good meal to your companions wherever you may be.

Scion of Ghallanda Features

Level 1 Feature

   As a dragonmarked member of House Ghallanda, you are treated with respect within your house and you can leverage that power to secure lodging and food for yourself and your companions.  Your dragonmark also seems to have a soothing effect on everyone you meet, making it easier for you to negotiate.

Benefit: You may secure free room and board at any Ghallanda-owned establishment for yourself and up to 8 companions.  You also gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Level 5 Feature

   The adventuring life often leads one to sleep in strange placesHowever, your dragonmark gives you the talent to making even a makeshift campsite seem as comfortable as a fine inn.  Your companions find they always feel well rested while in your company.

Benefit: At the end of each extended rest, you and your allies gain temporary hit points equal to your highest ability modifier + one-half your level.

Level 10 Feature

   While your dragonmark has always been able to boost healing during periods of rest, it has grown into a greater version of its previous self.   Your allies’ strength surges while your dragonmark radiates the energy that feels like home.

Benefit: When you or an ally spends a healing surge during a short rest, they recover extra hit points equal to your highest ability modifier.

Scion of Ghallanda Optional Powers

Dragonmark Servant         Scion of Ghallanda Utility 2
By touching your Mark of Hospitality, you conjure an unseen servent to tend to your guest’s every whim.
At-Will    -   Arcane, Conjuration
Minor Action              Area Burst 5
Effect:  You summon an invisible Dragonmark Servant in any unoccupied space in the burst that lasts until you dismiss it as a minor action or use this power again.  While the servant persists, you may command it to do simple tasks such as cleaning, preparing for dinner, washing clothes, etc.  The Dragonmark Servant can perform any duties that a regular servant can perform, although it may not attack, move objects that require a strength check, or cause damage in any way.  The dragonmarked servant can carry a sunrod, lantern, or other light source, but any items it holds are dropped when it is dismissed.
     During combat, the servant can take no actions on its own.  As a minor action you can command the unseen servant to move 6 squares, pick up an item, open a door, or administer a potion.  As a standard action, you can command the servant to perform first aid on an adjacent ally using your Heal skill.

Hospitable Refuge            Scion of Ghallanda Utility 6
You whisk away a beleaguered ally to a refuge where they can rest briefly before rejoining the fight.
Daily     -   Arcane, Healing, Teleportation
Minor Action            Close Burst 5
Target:  One ally in burst.
Effect: The ally is removed from play.  At the start of that ally’s turn, he may spend a healing surge, make a saving throw and choose whether or not to return to battle.  If he chooses to return, he appears in any space within 5 of the one he left.  If he chooses to stay at the refuge, he may repeat this effect at the start of his next turn.

Ghallanda Feast              Scion of Ghallanda Utility 10
With a brief touch to your dragonmark, you conjure a lavish feast out of thin air.
Daily        -   Arcane, Conjuration
Standard Action         Special
Effect:  You summon a delicious feast.  The feast can serve up to 10 people and may consist of whatever delicacies you desire.  Consuming the feast takes at minimum half an hour, but it can be prolonged to as much as four hours if desired.  During the feast, you and your allies gain a +4 power bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, and Streetwise checks made against other guests at the feast.  At the conclusion of the feast, each creature that participated in the feast regains a healing surge.

Scion of Ghallanda

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