Scion of Deneith

Scion of Deneith

Prerequisite: Member of House Deneith, Mark of Sentinel

    Guardians.  Bounty Hunters.  Mercenaries.  All of these fields are dominated by the humans of House Deneith, bearers of the Mark of Sentinel.  From their stronghold of Sentinel Tower to the farthest reaches of Eberron, you cannot hire better combatants.

    You were born into this house of warriors and you were raised to be a soldier.  You first held a weapon when you were still a small child and you showed skill even before your dragonmark manifested.  When your Mark of Sentinel appeared, your prestige rose and new doors opened to you within your house.  Wherever you go, your dragonmark broadcasts that you are one of the elite warriors of Khorvaire. 

    Deneith provides many opportunities for it members.  Did you join the Sentinel Marshals, a group of bounty hunters under House Deneith?  Or did you join Deneith’s Defender Guild of Bodyguards or the Blademarks Guild of Mercenaries?  While the leaders of your house provide some directives, as a dragonmarked scion of Deneith, your fate is your own to make.

Scion of Deneith Features

Level 1 Feature

   The Mark of Sentinel is one of the dragonmarks with the most direct benefits in combat.  By calling on the power of your mark, you can reshape the battlefield and force foes to tackle with you rather than your guarded charges or less combat capable allies.  Dragonmarked members of the Sentinel Marshals use this power to lock down their quarries and make it difficult for them to escape.

Benefit: You gain the Deneith Challenge power.

Deneith Challenge             Scion of Deneith Utility
The power of your dragonmark calls your foes to face you.
Encounter     -   Arcane, Charm
Minor Action        Close Burst 2
Target: Each enemy in burst.
Effect: You pull each target 1 square and you may mark each target.

Level 5 Feature

   Being a scion of Deneith means always being ready for danger.   It’s no coincidence that the Deneith are the best bounty hunters and bodyguards in Khorvaire.  The Mark of Sentinel boosts your senses and makes it easier for you to sense oncoming danger.

Benefit: You gain a +2 power bonus to Perception and Initiative checks.

Level 10 Feature

  Your Mark of Sentinel has grown across your body and its increase in size has come with a boost in power.  Your mark calls to you when you are suffering from an enemy’s debilitating attacks, allowing you to remain vigilant and capable.

Benefit: While you are dazed or stunned, you may still take a single opportunity or immediate action per round.

Scion of Deneith Optional Powers

Deneith Reprimand             Scion of Deneith Utility 2
Your enemy opened himself to you and your dragonmark reacted.
Encounter         -       Arcane
Free Action                Special
Trigger: You hit an enemy with an opportunity attack.
Effect: You knock the triggering target prone.

Deneith Armor                Scion of Deneith Utility 6
Your dragonmark forms armor of force around you or your charge.
Daily           -        Arcane
Minor Action           Close Burst 3
Target: You or one ally in burst.
Effect: The target gains a +3 power bonus to a defense of your choice until the end of the encounter.

Dragonmarked Resistance         Scion of Deneith Utility 10
Your dragonmark flares with elemental energy and sends a wave of protection over you and your allies.
Daily         -         Arcane
Minor Action        Close Burst 3
Target: You and each ally in burst
Effect: You and each ally in the burst gains resistance to a damage type of your choice until the end of your next turn.  The resistance is equal to one-half your level.
Sustain minor:  The effect persists until the end of your next turn.

Scion of Deneith

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