Scion of Cannith

Scion of Cannith

Prerequisite: Membership in House Cannith, Mark of Making feat

   House Cannith is the bearer of the Mark of Making and the home of some of the best crafters and artificers in Khorvaire.  You have been surrounding by artistry, engineering, and magic since your earliest days.  As you grew, you discovered that you too had a great talent for creation, which only blossomed further upon the manifesting of your dragonmark.  Your dragonmark also brought you great status within your house.  Are you a crafter at heart or do you long to see the things you build go to use?

    House Cannith had a large enclave in Cyre before the Day of Mourning.  You may have lost friends, family and a home.  How did you avoid being caught in the Mourning?  Do you long for closure on what happened?  The Day of Mourning also left Cannith a house divided.  Which of your family do you follow?  Are you actively involved in the politics of the house, or do you distance yourself from them?  Each scion of Cannith must make his own path.

Scion of Cannith Features

Level 1 Feature

   You have always possessed a talent for building and you came prepared for your life adventuring.  You carry a few special clockwork bombs you created and infused with the power of your Dragonmark.  You’ve found that a good way to open a fight is with a bomb right in the middle of the enemy formation.

Benefit: You gain the Cannith Bomb power.

Cannith Bomb             Scion of Cannith Attack
You throw your device into the middle of your enemies before it explodes in a devastating rain of flames and force.
Encounter  -   Arcane, Fire, Force
Standard Action             Area Burst
1 within 10
Each creature in burst.
Attack: Primary ability modifier 3 (6 at level 11 and +9 at level 21) vs. Reflex.
Hit: 2d10 + Primary ability modifier fire and force damage.
     Level 11: 4d10 + Primary ability modifier fire and force damage.
     Level 21: 6d10 + Primary ability modifier fire and force damage.

Level 5 Feature

   The resources of House Cannith are significant and their access to raw materials unparallelled.  Using your status within the house, you have manged to secure enough materials to craft yourself a new magic item.

Benefit: You may craft a common item of your choice of level 7 or less without paying the component cost.  If the item has higher level versions, you may upgrade this item to that higher level version without paying component costs if its new level would be within the limits of an item you could normally craft.

Level 10 Feature

Your dragonmark has grown to the point where you can use techniques that others find difficult or impossible.  You are one of the best craftsmen in Khorvaire and you can create items that lesser crafters can only dream of.

Benefit: With the DM’s permission, you may craft uncommon magic items.  You and your companions may posess no more than 5 items created this way, though you may craft others by selling or disenchanting the ones you have already created.

Scion of Cannith Optional Powers

Extra Bomb                 Scion of Cannith Utility 2
Who carries just one bomb?
Daily   -     Arcane
Minor Action         Personal
Effect: You regain the use of your Cannith Bomb power.

Cannith Swiftness         Scion of Cannith Utility 6
Your dragonmark flares as you quickly use an item.
Daily    -   Arcane
Minor Action         Personal
Effect: You use an item power that normally requires a standard action.

Dragonmarked Empowerment   Scion of Cannith Utility 10
Your dragonmark breathes new energy into a previously spent item.
Daily     -   Arcane
Minor Action         Close Burst 5
Target: One magic item in burst.
Effect: You recharge one encounter or daily power of the item. 
Special: You may only regain the use of this power by taking an extended rest.

Scion of Cannith

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