Prerequisites: None.

     The backbone of society in Khorvaire are the Magewrights.  These seemingly common crafts-folk dedicate their lives to learning a ritual which they use over and over again to enhance the community.  They become so familiar with a single ritual that they can perform it without the use of a ritual book and with mastery rivaling even that of trained spellcasters.  Unfortunately, mastering rituals this way takes years and many Magewrights stop with one and never move forward.

    You began your career as a magewright.  Apprenticed through your youth to a simple craftsman or priest, you have learned the art of carrying a single ritual in your head.  However, you were not content to stop there.  Something dragged you away from your simple craftsman’s life and into the life of an adventurer.

   While you still can learn rituals as a magewright learns them, you have achieved mastery greater than others of your number and learned more about the structure and balance of rituals in general.  As you adventure, this allows you to learn quickly what other magewrights spend lifetimes on, as well as allowing you to cast rituals from books if the need arises.  While you go on to achieve great things, you have never forgotten your roots as a magewright, a craftsman, and the backbone of Khorviare.

Magewright Features

Level 1

You spent years learning a single ritual which you can now cast from memory.  You have also picked up the ability to learn and cast rituals from books, expanding your skills beyond the typical.

Benefit: You gain the ritual caster feat as a bonus feat.  You also learn a Level 1 ritual of your choice, which you may perform without a ritual book.

Level 5

Your studies have paid off, and you have mastered what it takes many magewrights lifetimes to do: you have become a mastercraftsman.  You can create magic items without a ritual book and you have earned respect through the land from both the great and common folk.

  You learn the Enchant Magic Item ritual and a new ritual of your choice of level 5 or lower, both of which you may perform without the use of a ritual book.

Level 10

Through your efforts, you are now one of the greatest magewrights in Khorvaire.  Others flock to have you perform your craftsman’s magic.  You can not only now cast higher level rituals, but you can even at times use your knowledge to bypass the usual component costs.   True spellcasters envy your talents and you go into the world proving that even those of humble begginings can acheive great power.

You gain a ritual of your choice of Level 10 or lower, which you may perform without the use of a ritual book.  Also, you may ignore the component cost for one ritual you cast each day.  This can’t reduce the cost of rituals that create lasting items, such as Create Magic Item.

Magewright Optional Powers

Magewright’s Trick      Magewright Utility 2
During your studies as a magewright, you’ve learned a couple minor tricks.
At-Will    – Arcane, Transmutation
Minor Action                  Close Burst 2
Target: Special
Effect: You perform one of the following tasks:
     – Repair a small, nonmagical object in burst.
     – Create a rough, small, nonmagical object from components equal to the value of the object.
     – Create a nonmagical item of value less than 1 GP which persists for 1 hour, then crumbles into dust.  You may only create up to 3 such items this way at a time.
     – Destroy a small, nonmagical object you are holding.
     – Cause a small object you are holding to shed bright light in a 10 square radius for 4 hours.  You may only affect 3 such items at a time.
     – Heat, chill, or flavor up to 1 pound of nonliving matter for 1 hour.
     – Clean or maintain one object in burst.

Magewright’s Ritual    Magewright Utility 6
The rituals in your head are so well ingrained that you may perform them faster and without components.
Daily        – Arcane
Special           Personal
Effect: Choose a ritual you can cast without a ritual book.  You may cast that ritual in one-quarter the usual time and, unless it is a creation ritual, it requires no components.

Mastercrafter’s Presence      Magewright Utility 10
With you presence, you enhance a magic item you have created.
Daily   -   Arcane
Minor Action        Close Burst 5
Target: One magic item that you crafted in burst.
Effect:  Until you take an extended rest, the item grants its user your choice of one of the following benefits:
        – +1 power bonus to attack rolls with this item.
        – +1 power bonus to a defense of your choice while wearing the item.
        – +1 power bonus to saving throws while carrying the item.


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