Last War Veteran

Last War Veteran

Prerequisites: None.

         The Last War may be over, but it left a lasting mark on the face of Khorvaire.  Fighting in a war like that can change a person.  You know this from experience.  You served as a soldier in the last war and part of you never came back.  While peace prevails for now, part of you knows that the return of conflict is inevitable.

     Regardless of which army and nation you served, you have developed skills that put you a step above the normal adventurer in combat.  As a veteran, you know that you have to be faster, tougher, and stronger than the enemy to survive.  Your time as a soldier shaped your personality and you still conduct yourself with discipline that your comrades cannot hope to match.

     Which nation did you fight for?  Do any of your old grudges still persist?  When peace came, did you welcome it as an opportunity to make your own way, or did you seek out the adventuring path because you can’t exist without violence?  The soldier’s tales are many and yours is about to open a new chapter.

Last War Veteran Features

Level 1

As a veteran of the last war, you possess a level of toughness that amazes your greener allies.  You not only have a thicker skin, but can brace yourself against oncoming blows.

Benefit:  You have the Veteran’s Grit power.

Veteran’s Grit               Last War Veteran Utility
Drawing on your experiences from the war, you brace yourself for the oncoming blows.
Encounter    -   Martial
Minor Action     Personal
Effect: You gain temporary hit points equal to your highest ability modifier + one-half your level.

Level 5

The horrors of war have left a scar on your mind that toughens you to those who try to overwhelm you.

Benefit: You gain a +1 power bonus to your will defense.

Level 10

After seeing so many battles, you have faced countless setbacks and suffered intense pains.  You have gained resilience that allows you to shake off effects even as they overwhelm your comrades.

Benefit: The first time you fail a saving throw in an encounter, you may re-roll it but you must take the second result.

Last War Veteran Optional Powers

War-Toughened Stance         Last Veteran Utility 2
Your battle experience has taught you how to minimize the blows you take.<
Daily       -    Martial, Stance
Minor Action       Personal
Effect: Until the stance ends, you gain resistance to all damage equal to 1 + half your highest ability modifier.

Veteran’s Recovery          Last Veteran Utility 6
You learned this technique during the war to turn a miss into a hit.
Encounter     -   Martial
Free Action        Personal
Trigger: You miss with an at-will attack.
Effect: Re-roll the triggering attack but you must take the second result.

Survivor’s Surge              Last Veteran Utility 10
You survived the Last War and you’ll be damned if you let yourself die now.
Daily       -   Martial
No Action        Personal
Trigger: You start your turn bloodied or dying.
Effect: You may regain hit points as if you spent a healing surge.

Last War Veteran

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