Prerequisite: Trained in Perception or Insight

The streets of Eberron run rampant with intrigue and crime.  In your experience, very little is as it seems. Lesser minds are boggled by the confusion wrought by these schemes of others.  You, however, are an inquisitive.  You do not give up or become baffled so easily by distractions from finding the truth.  Your eyes can pick up clues that others miss and you know how the criminal mind works.

Perhaps you are a former member of the police force who is sometimes called back to help with the most difficult cases.  Or maybe you are an investigative journalist working for the Sharn Inquisitive.  In any case, you have a deep passion for finding the truth and a strong investigative eye.

Inquisitive Features

Level 1

As an inquisitive, you know how to make better use of tools that others simply fumble with.  In your experience, knowing what to look for can be just as important as having keen eyes and you often baffle your elf friend by pointing out clues that they thought were inconsequential.

Benefit: You gain an inquisitive’s kit.  When you use the kit, you gain a +4 bonus to any perception checks to search in place of the kit’s normal bonus.  In addition, you may use your Intelligence modifier rather than your Wisdom modifier for active checks with the Insight and Perception skills.

Level 5

While your allies bring many skills to the table, they are really amateurs at the art of deduction.  They are often amazed by your ability to correct them when they make mistakes in even their own areas of expertise.

Benefit: You gain the Elementary power.

Elementary   Inquisitive Utility
It seems so obvious to you now.
Free Action             Close Burst 5
During the course of an investigation, you or an ally dislikes the result of a skill check.
Effect: Reroll the triggering roll and use the second result.

Level 10

While logic is the backbone of any great investigator, sometimes an inquisitive has to rely on his gut feelings in absence of obvious facts.  While your hunches may seem wild and baseless to your allies, you have found that they very seldom lead you astray.  You have become so exposed to investigations that they are part of you, and your mind works at even the subconscious level to lead you to the end.

Benefit: Once, during the course of an investigation, you may call on the DM to give you a clue to point you in the right direction.  Once used, this ability may not be used again until the investigation is closed or abandoned.  In addition, the DM may decide that your gut gives you additional clues along the way, though these do not count as using this ability.

Inquisitive Optional Powers

Inquisitive’s Tenacity      Inquisitive Utility 2
You won’t be deterred easily.
Free Action          Personal
Trigger: You fail a saving throw.
Effect: Reroll the triggering roll and use the second result.

It Was All Part of the Plan   Inquisitive Utility 6

While you thought you were ambushing us, you drew yourself into the open as I planned.
No Action           Close Burst 5
Trigger: You roll initiative.
Effect: You and each ally in the burst are not surprised and gain a +2 bonus to your initiative checks.

Master of Disguise        Inqusitive Utility 10
Sometimes you can learn much by simply being someone else.
Standard Action           Personal
Requirement: You must possess a disguise kit.
Effect: You disguise yourself as a member of any race of the same size and general anatomy, including a specific individual.  You gain a +5 power bonus on all Bluff checks made to maintain your disguise. Your clothes don’t change, so you may need a costume to go with your disguise.  You may discard the disguise as a standard action, though changing clothes may be done only during a short rest.


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