Aerenal Elf

Aerenal Elf

Prerequisite:  Elf, Aerenal Background

You grew up alongside your deathless ancestors within the island nation of Aerenal.  As you grew, you began to revere the Undying Court and studied the ancient necromantic magic of your people.  You also learned to paint your face in the traditional skull style honored among your people.

Up until now, you’ve lived your life among others of your kind, the emissaries from the dragon-marked houses a mere curiosity.  You were content to continue your studies and prepare to defend your homeland in a time of need.

That all changed when, one day, you were summoned before the Undying Court and told that you had a greater purpose.  The court ordered you to travel to Khorvaire to seek out this purpose.  Curious enough to question this request but too respectful to refuse it, you gathered your belongings and boarded a Lyrander ship bound for the human kingdoms.  You know not what mysteries this new land will bring, but you possess some strong death magic to carry you through whatever ill may come.

Aerenal Elf Features

Level 1 Features

Your special training has given you access to a signature spell of your people which uses the same energies that sustain the Undying Court to ravage your foes.  You gain the Undying Essence power.

Undying Essence        Aerenal Elf Power
A blast of the same energy that sustains the undying court sears your foes.
Encounter- Arcane, Divine, Implement, Necromancy, Necrotic, Radiant 
Standard Action          Close blast 4
Target: Each enemy in blast
Attack: Primary Ability Score vs. Will
Hit: 1d6 + Primary Ability Modifier necrotic and radiant damage.
   Level 11: 2d6 + Primary Ability Modifier necrotic and radiant damage.
   Level 21: 3d6 + Primary Ability Modifier necrotic and radiant damage. 
Effect: Choose one target you hit with this attack.  That target is weakened until the end of your next turn.

Level 5 Feature

The Aerenal elves are renowned for their knowledge of magic and religion.  You are no exception. 

Benefit: You gain a +2 power bonus to Religion and Arcana checks.

Level 10 Feature

Your training amoung the deathless  with your people has given you the ability to stave off death for a time.


Benefit: The first time in an encounter when you are reduced to zero or fewer hit points, you do not fall unconscious until the end of your next turn.

Aerenal Elf Optional Powers

Resilience of the Deathless      Aerenal Elf Utility 2
By sacrificing your vitality in deference, the deathless rulers of Aerenal grant you a temporary blessing.
Daily – Arcane, Divine, Necromancy
Minor Action            Personal

Effect: You lose a healing surge and gain temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value.  In addition, you gain resistance to necrotic damage equal to 5 + half your level until the end of the encounter.

Ancestral Accuracy        Aerenal Elf Utility 6
You are guided by the spirits of your ancestors in every move.
Daily   – Arcane, Divine, Necrotic, Radiant, Necromancy
No Action        Personal
Trigger: You use Elven Accuracy and the triggering attack still misses.
Effect: You may re-roll the attack again and use the final result.  If it hits, it deals extra necrotic and radiant damage equal to your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier.

Aerenal Sorcery      Aerenal Elf Utility 10
The magic of Aerenal is legendary and yours is no exception.
Daily  – Arcane, Divine, Necromancy, Necrotic, Radiant
Free Action                Personal
Trigger: You use a close or area attack power.
Benefit: Each target hit by the attack takes extra necrotic and radiant damage from the attack equal to your Wisdom or Intelligence modifier and is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Aerenal Elf

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