Abberant Heir

Aberrant Heir

Prerequisite: Any Aberrant Dragonmark feat

   Maybe you were a born of the forbidden union between members of different houses or maybe the draconic propecy just felt you were a good vessel for its dark message.  The cause doesn’t really matter because ever since the jagged mockery of a dragonmark appeared on your skin, your life has been one difficulty after another.

   Deemed a dark harbinger at best and an abomination at worst, you face prejudice wherever you go.  Perhaps you took the oppertunity to take advantage of connection when it was offered and offered yourself up as an assassin for the rogue House Tarkanan.  Or maybe you prefer to go it alone, seeing the adventuring life as the one place you will be judged by your own merits rather than the mark on your skin.  In any case, you have a tough road ahead.

Aberrant Heir Features

Level 1 Feature

   You didn’t ask for your mark and you can hardly control it.  By focusing its power, you can release a burst of dark prophetic messages but the surge is dispersed and impossible to control.  Still, the power it offers can be tantalizing.

Benefit: You gain the Aberrant Surge power

Aberrant Surge           Aberrant Heir Attack
Your aberrant mark pulses with power and sends a shockwave over your enemies.
Daily (special)       -   Arcane, Psychic
Minor Action      Close Burst 10
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Primary Ability modifier + 3 vs Will (Increase to +6 at Level 11 and +9 at Level 21).
Hit: Primary ability modifier psychic damage and you may slide the target 1 square.
Special: At level 10, you may use this power twice per day.

Level 5 Feature

  It’s a fact that the people of Khorvaire are afraid of aberrant marks and what they fortell.  You have learned to leverage this fear at times but there are still times where some normalcy is nice to have, however fleeting.  For this, you scoured arcane tomes for a means of disguising your mark and you studied the ritual to do it until you could perform it perfectly.

Benefit: You can master and perform the Conceal Dragonmark ritual as if you had the ritual caster feat and you can perform it once per day without expending components.  In addition, you gain a +2 power bonus to Intimidate checks while your Aberrant mark is visible.

Level 10 Feature

   Your dragonmark has grown larger, but you’re not certain that’s a good thing.  Its power seems to have grown, but it is no easier to control than it was before.

Benefit: You may use your Aberrant Surge power twice per day.

Aberrant Heir Optional Powers

Aberrant Determination       Aberrant Heir Utility 2
Your dragonmark aids your attack, but at a price.
Encounter    -     Arcane
Free Action          Personal
Trigger: You miss with an attack roll.
Effect: You may roll a d6 and add the result as a power bonus to the triggering roll but you are dazed until the end of your next turn.

Mindpoison Dragonmark        Aberrant Heir Utility 6
Your dragonmark pulses green and enhances your attack with a potent mental poison.
Daily    -       Arcane, Poison
Minor Action        Personal
Effect: The next attack you make this turn targets Will instead of the defense it normally targets and deals ongoing poison damage equal to 5 + one-half your level (save ends) to each target on a hit.

Aberrant Fire           Aberrant Heir Utility 10
Your aberrant mark flares and wreathes you in purple flames.
Daily      -        Arcane, Fire, Stance
Minor Action         Personal
Effect: You assume the stance of Aberrant Fire. Until the stance ends, your attacks deal fire damage in addition to their other types and any adjacent enemy that attacks you takes ongoing fire damage equal to 5 + one-half your level (save ends).

Abberant Heir

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