Seekers of Truth and Fortune

S1: E3: Among Thieves

The party deals with the Boromar Clan and Assaults Vlaat's Hideout

After their confrontation with Pawn, the party separated for a while to attend to individual needs before reconvening at the Joker’s Luck gambling hall to meet with their contact from the Boromar clan. Outside the tavern, they encountered _ D’Cannith, a representative from House Cannith who explained that Graven had returned to his studies and that he had been sent by House Cannith to provide assistance. The party then warily proceeded into the hall.

Inside they met with Giovanni Boromar to deal with their mutual problem of the Daask gang. Giovanni promised to aid the party by assisting in the assault on Vlaat’s warehouse. He ushered over a mercenary from House Tharask as an initial offer of help and promised to have the rest of the aid meet with them at a warehouse in the goblin district of Mallon’s Gate.

In Mallon’s Gate, the party met with Vincento Boromar and a team of assassins from House Tarkanan, led by the spunky Liv Tarkanan. After hearing a description of the warehouse from Vincento, the party came up with a plan: Liv and her associates would draw out the guards out front while the party would sneak in through the back window and take out Vlaat and the others inside.

The party climbed down from an overhanging bridge to land on top of the warehouse. Doogo quietly unlocked the skylight and the party proceeded in when the bulk of the goblins set out to deal with Liv and her gang. While the party didn’t manage to take the goblins by complete surprise, they managed to dispatch all inside in a fervent and pitched battle. Liv arrived from outside to help mop up the last survivors by burning them with her invisible flames. The party finds various treasures and a note from Pawn for a meeting at an abandoned watchtower outside of town at dusk.

Once the Daask were gone, Vincento led the halflings in to claim their prize: the crates of the rare drug “Dragon’s Blood.” Realizing just how much the take was worth, Eschursat’s greed took hold and he and the rest of the party managed to intimidate Vincento into giving them an additional 500 gold and two of the valuable crates. Knowing that possession of the drug is illegal, _ used his contacts in House Cannith to sell the “Dragon’s Blood” under the table to the house, along with a dragonshard recovered from Vlaat’s body in exchange for a variety of magic items.

Their business taken care of, the party is left with the difficult choice of confronting Pawn in their current state, or returning to the Alanask Manor. Their decision and another thrilling adventure will be available at the same time next week!



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