Seekers of Truth and Fortune

S1: E2: Finding a Teacher

The party follows Professor Delemont's trail and discover his location.

Our party recovers from their rest only to find that their friend the goliath has decided to abandons the mission. Lady Adrianna, fearing another attack, hires a dragonborn mercenary named Eshursat who worships coin through the god of wealth, Kol Korran.

After regrouping, the party decides to head to investigate the residence of Professor Delemont’s patron, Lord Alanask. The butler smugly rebuffs them, despite Lady Adrianna’s protests. The party learns that he often comes back home at night by duping a surly ogre guard. Resolving to return later, the party sets off to follow their next lead.

The party goes to the crowded Menthis Cafe, the place mentioned on the Professor’s last receipt. After chatting up the waitress, they discover that Professor Delemont dined here with a dwarf named Davros Silveraxe. Davros owns an antique store near Morgrave University and occasionally dined here with the Professor. The waitress notes that Delemont was looking particularly worried the last time she saw him.

The party finds Davros in his antique shop near Morgrave. While trying to peddle his wares to the players, they coax out of him that he met with the professor not long before he disappeared, and he had talked uncertainly of hiding out in Dancing Shadows, where the two of them had often gone to let the heat die down in the past. He also says that a strange elf had also come by asking strange questions.

By this time it is nearing the evening, and the party returns to the Alanask Manor. Adrianna tells the butler that they are looking for her brother and the butler finally lets them in. Lord Alanask greets the party and informs them that he has been sheltering Professor Delemont in his manor to avoid the assassins chasing him. Reunited with her brother, Adrianna pays off the party and returns to court. Lord Alanask, however, is still concerned about the lurking dangers and hires the party to find out why the Daask are after Delemont and eliminate the dangers.

After resting at Lord Alanask’s manor, the party heads to Dancing Shadows to meet with Alasask’s changeling spy, Een. Een informs the party that Pawn has been asking around the district after Delemont. The party lures him into an ambush with the promise of information. Realizing the truth, Pawn attacks the party with fervor, but soon is forced to retreat by jumping off a high overhang. Racing to see what happened, Valis sees only a large shining streak of silver flashing before vanishing under the overpass.



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