Seekers of Truth and Fortune

S1:E1: One Stormy Night

The first session!

Seekers of Truth and Fortune Season 1: Prophecy and Profit

Episode 1: One Stormy Night

On a stormy evening in Sharn our heroes are summoned to the Dragon’s Eye Tavern to meet with Lady Adrianna Delemont. They are greeted by the tavern owner, Kenri D’Ghallanda before being taken to a private dining room.

Each letter recipient introduces themselves. The party consists of Violet, a young stargazer who calls upon strange powers; Valis, a mysterious dragonmarked elf; Graven, a warforged student adopted by House Cannith; Doogo, a streetwise recovery specialist; and a goliath warrior. Most of the party were friends or acquaintances of Professor Bastian Delemont

Adrianna introduces herself and explains that her brother, Bastian, has gone missing and she hires the party, as his friends, to track him down. However, she is interrupted mid-sentence by an attack by goblin assassins. The assassins are defeated but not before they manage to destroy the entire room with bombs.

The assassins are members of an organization called Daask, a thieves’ guild populated by monsters that specializes in violence and extortion. They were sent by their superior, Vlaat, a half-orc who runs a branch of the gang based out of a warehouse in Mallon’s Gate. The assassins are handed over to the authorities and the party rests before setting out for a new day.

While waiting for a sky taxi, the party is approached by a weird silver-haired elf who introduces himself as Pawn and warns them of a terrible fate should they proceed. The party thanks him for his warning, but continue on their way.

At the University, the party discovers that the Professor’s office has been burnt down. They hear from Griven Falthom, the gnome Dean of History, that Professor Delemont took off in a hurry right before the fire and a silver-haired elf was seen soon after the fire. They also find out that the Professor was researching an ancient goblin explorer for a Lord Alanask when he disappeared.

Visiting the Professor’s apartment, the party is ambushed by waiting members of Daask. After killing all the would-be assassins, they search the apartment and discover several books and clothes missing. They also find a receipt from the day that he disappeared from the Menthis Cafe, attached to an IOU from a Davros Siveraxe.

The party decide to head back to the tavern for lunch and re-cooperation while they assess their next move.



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