Seekers of Truth and Fortune

S1: E7: Tomb Raiders

The party delves further into the Tomb and discovers Takaladesh's secret

Proceeding into the next room, the party discovered an insidious dart-wall trap backed up with two hobgoblin skeleton warriors and a blazing skeleton hurling blue fire. Through ingenuity and careful tactics, they overcame the obstacles and reached Takaladesh’s burial chamber.

Upon entering the burial chamber, the party found abundant treasure. However, as they entered, the ghost of Takaladesh rose from his grave, stating that the adventurers may only take his treasures if they prove themselves worthy through defeating him and his guardians. With that, he calls upon two guards that he has turned into wights and a squadron of skeletal goblin soldiers. The battle is difficult, Takaladesh’s ghost dissipated whenever a player scored a solid hit on him and the wights used their Soul-draining longswords to sap the vitality of the party while the goblins sniped from above. After a long battle, the party defeated Takaladesh’s minions and subdued his ghost. Content that the party is worthy, Takaladesh moves on, entrusting them to finish the task he could not finish in life.

The party recovers the journal of Takaladesh that Lord Alanask had claimed. Choosing to rest before beginning the journey back, the party members peruse the journal. The last pages tell a tragic tale of the days before Takaladesh’s death. While exploring the ruins of a giant city in Xen’drik, Takaladesh discovered a strange obelisk covered in draconic writing, including references to “the first” in “the Temple of the Paragons,” “the second” and “the third in ice.” The obelisk has a door with an indentation shaped like a dragon’s head. Unable to open it, Takaladesh was forced to return home. On his way, he was hit by a poisoned drow arrow and died on his ship on the way home.

What the party chooses to do with this information will have to wait until our next session…



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