Seekers of Truth and Fortune

S1: E6: The City Beneath

The party reaches the Tomb of Takaladesh

The dwarves surrounding the party identify themselves as the Grave Diggers, scavengers who search the sewers for valuables to sell in the lower markets of Sharn. The surly and scarred leader introduces himself as Kandon. The Grave Diggers threaten the party, but a quick bit of bribery, diplomacy, and bullshit appeases them for the moment and they agree to let the party past.

A bit further into the sewers and Delemont reveals that they have reached their destination. A thin, decaying wall looks older than the surrounding construction and Delemont reveals that it should be the way into the tomb. Eschur knocks down the wall, scaring the brooding rats within that attack in a desperate frenzy. The party easily dispatches the rodents, though not before being exposed to filth fever.

A small hole in the back of the rat’s den leads downward. After climbing and squeezing down, the party’s sunrod illuminates ruins of the goblin city of Ja’Shaarat, largely untouched since its destruction. Delemont is amazed to have found such intact ruins, but urges the party to move forward and find the tomb.

The city casts odd shadows as the party’s light dances around the weird shapes of the ruins. Valis soon realizes that the party is not alone: a large insectoid monster has been following them. The party identifies this as an Umber Ravager, a species of Umber Hulk that lives closer to the surface than most. The ravager attacks and a giant centipede and its brood emerge from the ruins to feast on the weakened opponents. A powerful shot from Magnus’ bow helps to finish off the beast, while Doogo and the others finish the swarming centipedes. Magnus climbed up on top of a ruined building during the fight, and from there she spotted an intact chest. The chest was locked, but Doogo managed to open it, finding a rare set of armor and a magic dagger inside.

A bit further and the party finally reaches their destination. A large statue of Takaladesh looms in the darkness, overlooking the party as he overlooked his conquests 5,000 years before. An inscription on the tomb reads: “Beware ye who enter here, for death awaits the unworthy.” Believing themselves worthy, the party opens the tomb and proceeds down inside.

The entrance hall of the tomb is a large square room. Valis notices three blocks in the floor, as well as drag marks. The blocks are in fact graves, fit with the inscription “Here lie my best men. May they serve me in death as they did in life.” The door on the far side of the room is set with an elaborate trap. When a party member touches a tombstone, three ghostly hobgoblin warriors arrive, setting off the trap: a slab falls over the exit and the walls start to slowly close in. Magnus and Eschur lift the covers off the graves to remove the necromantic stones trapping the spirits of the ghosts, while Valis phases through to the next room to disable the trap, while Doogo works to open the door. Valis manages to shut off the trap. After the spirits have been set free, they imbue a set of armor with their essence in thanks for their liberation after all these years.

The party rests up, but the greatest dangers and treasures of the tomb still lie ahead…



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