Seekers of Truth and Fortune

S1: E5: Descent

The party finally follows up on Delemont's research and discovers the tomb of Takaladesh

The party flees Jonneth’s berserk magical surge and get Merrix D’Cannith to help. Merrix neutralizes Jonneth, but not before he has destroyed Mender and her home. Merrix commends the party on their discovery, although he wishes that it were under better circumstances. He needs to consult with the House Cannith elders on what to do with Jonneth.

With mixed feelings, the party heads to Morgrave University, where Delemont is now free to continue his research into the Tomb of Takaladesh. With the party’s help, he is able to pinpoint the location of the tomb beneath the sewers of the Central Plateau. Lord Alanask hires the party to accompany Delemont into the tomb, stating they are free to keep whatever they find, but Takaladesh’s journal belongs to him.

After making their preparations, the party descends to the lowest levels of Sharn and into the expansive and oversized sewer that runs under the city. Inside the sewers, the party encounters an Otyugh and various oozes that try to eat them. They fight off the threat and continue on towards their destination.

Further on the way, the party sees many small eyes around them, which belong to the ugliest and smelliest dwarves that they’ve ever seen. The leader, a mean looking dwarf with a large acid scar confronts them, telling that this is their territory and warning them to them to turn back.



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