Seekers of Truth and Fortune

S1: E4: Dragonmarks and Dragons

The party discovers Pawn's secret and finds the truth behind mysterious deaths at House Cannith

The Daask threat neutralized, the party turned to the greater threat: Pawn. The note that they had found specified a meeting at an ruined watchtower outside of town at dusk. The party was faced with the choice of missing the meeting or taking on a difficult and unknown fight. Being bold heroes they chose to meet the challenge. The party arrived at the watchtower early and set up a tactical advantage.

Soon, Pawn arrived at the tower. The party confronted him. He revealed that the prophecy says that Delemont’s work will lead to great ruin and by ending his life he was hoping to minimize that effect. He also revealed that he was a member of an organization dedicated to making sure the draconic prophecy occurs in the best way. Seeing that the party and him would never see eye to eye, Pawn revealed his true form: that of a Silver Dragon. After a long fight, the party slew Pawn. They reasoned that Pawn was a member of the Chamber, a group of dragons dedicated to manipulating the Draconic Prophecy. Pawn was dead and the short term danger was past, but he had had time to contact others in his organization, which may present further challenge in the future.

The next morning, the party returned to House Cannith, only to find the house in disarray. Graven informed the party that Amarth’s cousin, Marron D’Cannith, and his wife, Gail D’Cannith, had been murdered and their young 15 year old son, Jonneth D’Cannith had gone missing. The leader of Cannith South, Merrix D’Cannith requested that the party investigate, as he’d rather deal with the matter quietly rather than have the city guard all over the house and exposing a weakness.

The two victims were found in a room covered by large swaths of acid, seemingly killed by powerful magic. There were no signs of a break-in or struggle. The first one on the scene was the family’s warforged servant, Mender. Mender claims to have heard screaming before coming up and finding the room as the party found it. It was hard to read the warforged beyond the fact that she was experiencing intense emotional distress. Nothing else in the house was out of place. The only enemy that Marron had within the House was Viola D’Cannith, a bitter old aristocrat who disapproved of Gail, saying that she was not worthy of being a Cannith, coming with no history, money, or title. She also disapproves of Gail’s friend, a half-orc named Harja.

The party uses Diplomacy and Streetwise to track down Harja. The half-orc is quite distressed to hear what happened, but once calmed is able to shed some light upon the situation: Gail was a former member of House Tharask. She had fallen in love with Marron, but marriage between dragonmarked houses is forbidden, as the offspring of such unions often manifest aberrant dragonmarks. This is likely what happened to Jonneth. Reasoning that a 15 year old boy could not have gone far, the party confronts Mender and find a secret room in her shed where Jonneth is hiding, a large abberant dragonmark across his face. He can’t control the power of his mark and the sudden manifestaton led to his parent’s death. He is understandably distraught and horrified, but he fears what his family will do if they catch him. Still Amarth has a duty to his house and he decides to hand Jonneth over to Merrix.

Jonneth goes berserk over this, his mark sending waves of acid over the room as the party tries to escape…



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