Seekers of Truth and Fortune

S1: E7: Tomb Raiders
The party delves further into the Tomb and discovers Takaladesh's secret

Proceeding into the next room, the party discovered an insidious dart-wall trap backed up with two hobgoblin skeleton warriors and a blazing skeleton hurling blue fire. Through ingenuity and careful tactics, they overcame the obstacles and reached Takaladesh’s burial chamber.

Upon entering the burial chamber, the party found abundant treasure. However, as they entered, the ghost of Takaladesh rose from his grave, stating that the adventurers may only take his treasures if they prove themselves worthy through defeating him and his guardians. With that, he calls upon two guards that he has turned into wights and a squadron of skeletal goblin soldiers. The battle is difficult, Takaladesh’s ghost dissipated whenever a player scored a solid hit on him and the wights used their Soul-draining longswords to sap the vitality of the party while the goblins sniped from above. After a long battle, the party defeated Takaladesh’s minions and subdued his ghost. Content that the party is worthy, Takaladesh moves on, entrusting them to finish the task he could not finish in life.

The party recovers the journal of Takaladesh that Lord Alanask had claimed. Choosing to rest before beginning the journey back, the party members peruse the journal. The last pages tell a tragic tale of the days before Takaladesh’s death. While exploring the ruins of a giant city in Xen’drik, Takaladesh discovered a strange obelisk covered in draconic writing, including references to “the first” in “the Temple of the Paragons,” “the second” and “the third in ice.” The obelisk has a door with an indentation shaped like a dragon’s head. Unable to open it, Takaladesh was forced to return home. On his way, he was hit by a poisoned drow arrow and died on his ship on the way home.

What the party chooses to do with this information will have to wait until our next session…

S1: E6: The City Beneath
The party reaches the Tomb of Takaladesh

The dwarves surrounding the party identify themselves as the Grave Diggers, scavengers who search the sewers for valuables to sell in the lower markets of Sharn. The surly and scarred leader introduces himself as Kandon. The Grave Diggers threaten the party, but a quick bit of bribery, diplomacy, and bullshit appeases them for the moment and they agree to let the party past.

A bit further into the sewers and Delemont reveals that they have reached their destination. A thin, decaying wall looks older than the surrounding construction and Delemont reveals that it should be the way into the tomb. Eschur knocks down the wall, scaring the brooding rats within that attack in a desperate frenzy. The party easily dispatches the rodents, though not before being exposed to filth fever.

A small hole in the back of the rat’s den leads downward. After climbing and squeezing down, the party’s sunrod illuminates ruins of the goblin city of Ja’Shaarat, largely untouched since its destruction. Delemont is amazed to have found such intact ruins, but urges the party to move forward and find the tomb.

The city casts odd shadows as the party’s light dances around the weird shapes of the ruins. Valis soon realizes that the party is not alone: a large insectoid monster has been following them. The party identifies this as an Umber Ravager, a species of Umber Hulk that lives closer to the surface than most. The ravager attacks and a giant centipede and its brood emerge from the ruins to feast on the weakened opponents. A powerful shot from Magnus’ bow helps to finish off the beast, while Doogo and the others finish the swarming centipedes. Magnus climbed up on top of a ruined building during the fight, and from there she spotted an intact chest. The chest was locked, but Doogo managed to open it, finding a rare set of armor and a magic dagger inside.

A bit further and the party finally reaches their destination. A large statue of Takaladesh looms in the darkness, overlooking the party as he overlooked his conquests 5,000 years before. An inscription on the tomb reads: “Beware ye who enter here, for death awaits the unworthy.” Believing themselves worthy, the party opens the tomb and proceeds down inside.

The entrance hall of the tomb is a large square room. Valis notices three blocks in the floor, as well as drag marks. The blocks are in fact graves, fit with the inscription “Here lie my best men. May they serve me in death as they did in life.” The door on the far side of the room is set with an elaborate trap. When a party member touches a tombstone, three ghostly hobgoblin warriors arrive, setting off the trap: a slab falls over the exit and the walls start to slowly close in. Magnus and Eschur lift the covers off the graves to remove the necromantic stones trapping the spirits of the ghosts, while Valis phases through to the next room to disable the trap, while Doogo works to open the door. Valis manages to shut off the trap. After the spirits have been set free, they imbue a set of armor with their essence in thanks for their liberation after all these years.

The party rests up, but the greatest dangers and treasures of the tomb still lie ahead…

S1: E5: Descent
The party finally follows up on Delemont's research and discovers the tomb of Takaladesh

The party flees Jonneth’s berserk magical surge and get Merrix D’Cannith to help. Merrix neutralizes Jonneth, but not before he has destroyed Mender and her home. Merrix commends the party on their discovery, although he wishes that it were under better circumstances. He needs to consult with the House Cannith elders on what to do with Jonneth.

With mixed feelings, the party heads to Morgrave University, where Delemont is now free to continue his research into the Tomb of Takaladesh. With the party’s help, he is able to pinpoint the location of the tomb beneath the sewers of the Central Plateau. Lord Alanask hires the party to accompany Delemont into the tomb, stating they are free to keep whatever they find, but Takaladesh’s journal belongs to him.

After making their preparations, the party descends to the lowest levels of Sharn and into the expansive and oversized sewer that runs under the city. Inside the sewers, the party encounters an Otyugh and various oozes that try to eat them. They fight off the threat and continue on towards their destination.

Further on the way, the party sees many small eyes around them, which belong to the ugliest and smelliest dwarves that they’ve ever seen. The leader, a mean looking dwarf with a large acid scar confronts them, telling that this is their territory and warning them to them to turn back.

S1: E4: Dragonmarks and Dragons
The party discovers Pawn's secret and finds the truth behind mysterious deaths at House Cannith

The Daask threat neutralized, the party turned to the greater threat: Pawn. The note that they had found specified a meeting at an ruined watchtower outside of town at dusk. The party was faced with the choice of missing the meeting or taking on a difficult and unknown fight. Being bold heroes they chose to meet the challenge. The party arrived at the watchtower early and set up a tactical advantage.

Soon, Pawn arrived at the tower. The party confronted him. He revealed that the prophecy says that Delemont’s work will lead to great ruin and by ending his life he was hoping to minimize that effect. He also revealed that he was a member of an organization dedicated to making sure the draconic prophecy occurs in the best way. Seeing that the party and him would never see eye to eye, Pawn revealed his true form: that of a Silver Dragon. After a long fight, the party slew Pawn. They reasoned that Pawn was a member of the Chamber, a group of dragons dedicated to manipulating the Draconic Prophecy. Pawn was dead and the short term danger was past, but he had had time to contact others in his organization, which may present further challenge in the future.

The next morning, the party returned to House Cannith, only to find the house in disarray. Graven informed the party that Amarth’s cousin, Marron D’Cannith, and his wife, Gail D’Cannith, had been murdered and their young 15 year old son, Jonneth D’Cannith had gone missing. The leader of Cannith South, Merrix D’Cannith requested that the party investigate, as he’d rather deal with the matter quietly rather than have the city guard all over the house and exposing a weakness.

The two victims were found in a room covered by large swaths of acid, seemingly killed by powerful magic. There were no signs of a break-in or struggle. The first one on the scene was the family’s warforged servant, Mender. Mender claims to have heard screaming before coming up and finding the room as the party found it. It was hard to read the warforged beyond the fact that she was experiencing intense emotional distress. Nothing else in the house was out of place. The only enemy that Marron had within the House was Viola D’Cannith, a bitter old aristocrat who disapproved of Gail, saying that she was not worthy of being a Cannith, coming with no history, money, or title. She also disapproves of Gail’s friend, a half-orc named Harja.

The party uses Diplomacy and Streetwise to track down Harja. The half-orc is quite distressed to hear what happened, but once calmed is able to shed some light upon the situation: Gail was a former member of House Tharask. She had fallen in love with Marron, but marriage between dragonmarked houses is forbidden, as the offspring of such unions often manifest aberrant dragonmarks. This is likely what happened to Jonneth. Reasoning that a 15 year old boy could not have gone far, the party confronts Mender and find a secret room in her shed where Jonneth is hiding, a large abberant dragonmark across his face. He can’t control the power of his mark and the sudden manifestaton led to his parent’s death. He is understandably distraught and horrified, but he fears what his family will do if they catch him. Still Amarth has a duty to his house and he decides to hand Jonneth over to Merrix.

Jonneth goes berserk over this, his mark sending waves of acid over the room as the party tries to escape…

S1: E3: Among Thieves
The party deals with the Boromar Clan and Assaults Vlaat's Hideout
After their confrontation with Pawn, the party separated for a while to attend to individual needs before reconvening at the Joker’s Luck gambling hall to meet with their contact from the Boromar clan. Outside the tavern, they encountered _ D’Cannith, a representative from House Cannith who explained that Graven had returned to his studies and that he had been sent by House Cannith to provide assistance. The party then warily proceeded into the hall.

Inside they met with Giovanni Boromar to deal with their mutual problem of the Daask gang. Giovanni promised to aid the party by assisting in the assault on Vlaat’s warehouse. He ushered over a mercenary from House Tharask as an initial offer of help and promised to have the rest of the aid meet with them at a warehouse in the goblin district of Mallon’s Gate.

In Mallon’s Gate, the party met with Vincento Boromar and a team of assassins from House Tarkanan, led by the spunky Liv Tarkanan. After hearing a description of the warehouse from Vincento, the party came up with a plan: Liv and her associates would draw out the guards out front while the party would sneak in through the back window and take out Vlaat and the others inside.

The party climbed down from an overhanging bridge to land on top of the warehouse. Doogo quietly unlocked the skylight and the party proceeded in when the bulk of the goblins set out to deal with Liv and her gang. While the party didn’t manage to take the goblins by complete surprise, they managed to dispatch all inside in a fervent and pitched battle. Liv arrived from outside to help mop up the last survivors by burning them with her invisible flames. The party finds various treasures and a note from Pawn for a meeting at an abandoned watchtower outside of town at dusk.

Once the Daask were gone, Vincento led the halflings in to claim their prize: the crates of the rare drug “Dragon’s Blood.” Realizing just how much the take was worth, Eschursat’s greed took hold and he and the rest of the party managed to intimidate Vincento into giving them an additional 500 gold and two of the valuable crates. Knowing that possession of the drug is illegal, _ used his contacts in House Cannith to sell the “Dragon’s Blood” under the table to the house, along with a dragonshard recovered from Vlaat’s body in exchange for a variety of magic items.

Their business taken care of, the party is left with the difficult choice of confronting Pawn in their current state, or returning to the Alanask Manor. Their decision and another thrilling adventure will be available at the same time next week!

S1: E2: Finding a Teacher
The party follows Professor Delemont's trail and discover his location.

Our party recovers from their rest only to find that their friend the goliath has decided to abandons the mission. Lady Adrianna, fearing another attack, hires a dragonborn mercenary named Eshursat who worships coin through the god of wealth, Kol Korran.

After regrouping, the party decides to head to investigate the residence of Professor Delemont’s patron, Lord Alanask. The butler smugly rebuffs them, despite Lady Adrianna’s protests. The party learns that he often comes back home at night by duping a surly ogre guard. Resolving to return later, the party sets off to follow their next lead.

The party goes to the crowded Menthis Cafe, the place mentioned on the Professor’s last receipt. After chatting up the waitress, they discover that Professor Delemont dined here with a dwarf named Davros Silveraxe. Davros owns an antique store near Morgrave University and occasionally dined here with the Professor. The waitress notes that Delemont was looking particularly worried the last time she saw him.

The party finds Davros in his antique shop near Morgrave. While trying to peddle his wares to the players, they coax out of him that he met with the professor not long before he disappeared, and he had talked uncertainly of hiding out in Dancing Shadows, where the two of them had often gone to let the heat die down in the past. He also says that a strange elf had also come by asking strange questions.

By this time it is nearing the evening, and the party returns to the Alanask Manor. Adrianna tells the butler that they are looking for her brother and the butler finally lets them in. Lord Alanask greets the party and informs them that he has been sheltering Professor Delemont in his manor to avoid the assassins chasing him. Reunited with her brother, Adrianna pays off the party and returns to court. Lord Alanask, however, is still concerned about the lurking dangers and hires the party to find out why the Daask are after Delemont and eliminate the dangers.

After resting at Lord Alanask’s manor, the party heads to Dancing Shadows to meet with Alasask’s changeling spy, Een. Een informs the party that Pawn has been asking around the district after Delemont. The party lures him into an ambush with the promise of information. Realizing the truth, Pawn attacks the party with fervor, but soon is forced to retreat by jumping off a high overhang. Racing to see what happened, Valis sees only a large shining streak of silver flashing before vanishing under the overpass.

S1:E1: One Stormy Night
The first session!

Seekers of Truth and Fortune Season 1: Prophecy and Profit

Episode 1: One Stormy Night

On a stormy evening in Sharn our heroes are summoned to the Dragon’s Eye Tavern to meet with Lady Adrianna Delemont. They are greeted by the tavern owner, Kenri D’Ghallanda before being taken to a private dining room.

Each letter recipient introduces themselves. The party consists of Violet, a young stargazer who calls upon strange powers; Valis, a mysterious dragonmarked elf; Graven, a warforged student adopted by House Cannith; Doogo, a streetwise recovery specialist; and a goliath warrior. Most of the party were friends or acquaintances of Professor Bastian Delemont

Adrianna introduces herself and explains that her brother, Bastian, has gone missing and she hires the party, as his friends, to track him down. However, she is interrupted mid-sentence by an attack by goblin assassins. The assassins are defeated but not before they manage to destroy the entire room with bombs.

The assassins are members of an organization called Daask, a thieves’ guild populated by monsters that specializes in violence and extortion. They were sent by their superior, Vlaat, a half-orc who runs a branch of the gang based out of a warehouse in Mallon’s Gate. The assassins are handed over to the authorities and the party rests before setting out for a new day.

While waiting for a sky taxi, the party is approached by a weird silver-haired elf who introduces himself as Pawn and warns them of a terrible fate should they proceed. The party thanks him for his warning, but continue on their way.

At the University, the party discovers that the Professor’s office has been burnt down. They hear from Griven Falthom, the gnome Dean of History, that Professor Delemont took off in a hurry right before the fire and a silver-haired elf was seen soon after the fire. They also find out that the Professor was researching an ancient goblin explorer for a Lord Alanask when he disappeared.

Visiting the Professor’s apartment, the party is ambushed by waiting members of Daask. After killing all the would-be assassins, they search the apartment and discover several books and clothes missing. They also find a receipt from the day that he disappeared from the Menthis Cafe, attached to an IOU from a Davros Siveraxe.

The party decide to head back to the tavern for lunch and re-cooperation while they assess their next move.


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